I won’t be teaching classes for a while because who could stay away from this little cutie!


Susanna has been a very close of friend of my sister’s as well as myself, so when she told me that she was getting married, I immediately decided to make her a custom made clay gardenia hairpiece as a gift!

On the day of her wedding, I was pleasantly surprised and so honored when I saw her wear it for her reception! She was so kind enough to send me her pictures so that I can share them with you all here.

It was actually one of the very first weddings that I had done.  I think she looks absolutely stunning.

Susanna and David are such a wonderful couple and I’m so blessed to have been a small part of their special day!

Enjoy the rest of her beautiful wedding photos below.

Color Studies

This morning my husband spent 30 minutes helping me with the color studies for my most recent project.  I felt bad because he was late for work because of me!

But it’s days like today I feel so lucky to have an artist as husband. I always say that he’s my secret weapon!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Praying for Japan

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan has really hit home to me.  Being an ESL instructor I have several current and former students who are either in Japan right now or have family and friends there who are affected by the aftermath of everything that has happened. I’ve heard back from so many of my students who are thankfully safe, but there are still so many more who are struggling to even get the basic necessities of food and clean water.

I’ve decided that I wanted to do something to help out in anyway that I can.

Bloomology has decided to donate a percentage of the profits from classes and arrangements to go towards in helping the relief efforts in Japan.

Click on the heart to sign up for classes!

Let’s continue to keep Japan in our prayers!

Constance Spry

Image above from: Julia Rothman via Design*Sponge

I love it when I read inspirational posts from other great bloggers and today’s no different. I ran across this great post on Design*Sponge about Constance Spry who’s a British Floral Designer and apparently a guru for floral designers everywhere. I’ve never heard about her until I read about it here.

I’m always open to learning and growing from other artists and designers and I’m absolutely loving Constance’s whimsical design style.  Looking at her work inspires me to push the limits on my own work as well.  She was never afraid to break design rules and wasn’t afraid to get inspiration from unconventional places.

Image above: Constance Spry arrangement from the Design Museum via Design*Sponge

Image above: Constance Spry from The Surprising Life of Constance Spry via Design*Sponge

Definitely check out Design*Sponge’s original post to learn more and don’t miss her great floral DIY project inspired by Constance Spry herself!

I’m loving these very chic Shine Labs Napkin Rings that I saw through Outblush. These porcelain bone china rings made my mind race with a lot of ideas of what I could do with my own clay flowers.

But if you don’t have the patience to make your own, you can buy each of these for $12.

Take a Hike!

Yesterday, Bernie and I had a bit of cabin fever and really needed to get out of the house.  We thought about watching a movie, going to the mall, but with the beautiful weather outside we thought why not go for a hike!

I decided to take my camera along this time and have fun taking pictures.

My hiking buddy decided to walk ahead so I was able to capture my first shot.  He looks like he’s thinking deeply about something…

probably about how awesome he thinks his new hiking shoes are.

I’ve never seen anything like them.  I think they look like gorilla feet, but he swears that they’re great.  Would you wear shoes that look like feet?

As for me, I had my mind on other things like these beautiful lavender colored flowers.  Not sure what they’re called, but the colors were so vibrant that I had to take a shot.  I also took a bunch of pictures of random plants that I thought looked beautiful.

We even found some cute bunny tracks complete with mommy and baby footprints!  We were so excited when we found them.  We actually spotted the bunny family, but they were way too fast for us to get a good picture.

And we couldn’t leave without taking a few pictures of ourselves.

Bernie’s a natural in front of the camera.

It was such a fun day, but we were exhausted after our two hour hike so we rewarded ourselves with some yummy Indian food a la Trader Joe’s.

Now back to the daily grind!