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Traditional Ceramics

Before I started my venture into the Deco clay art form, I was dabbling in traditional ceramics. When I was in Korea after I graduated university, I started taking classes there and learned a little bit about throwing pieces on the wheel.  However, I never was able to progress because of my work schedule.

Fast forward 7 years later…I decided to attempt to go back and try to take some classes at my local community art center with my husband.  I absolutely love everything about working with clay.  I’m just starting out and most of my classmates have worked with it for decades. Here are some of my first pieces that are nowhere near the level of craftsmanship of my peers, but I’m motivated to start heading to the studio more and making more pieces.  The great thing about ceramics is that I can use whatever I make.  
Here are some pinch pots and a plate that I made for my first ceramics class.

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