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My Monday Blooms

I was so tempted to write another non art related post about my “special” garden, but I realized that it’s been a while since I’ve posted some of my actual clay art work.

These past couple of weeks, I’ve been working on some bigger clay floral art pieces which is why I haven’t had much too show. I’ve been sketching a lot of concepts and have finally been working on construction. However, I did have some leftover clay flowers to create a small arrangement with a beautiful blue vase that I had purchased a while ago.

This arrangement consists of peach roses, hydrangeas, tuberose and tuberose buds made of Deco clay.  I started experimenting with making tuberose flowers. I had never seen this flower in person, but I thought I’d take a stab at it since it’s such a simple and beautiful flower.

I think this would be stunning as a table centerpiece for a formal dining room and you wouldn’t ever have to worry about it dying or watering it. If it were real, I’d probably kill it by accident. My husband can attest to how terrible I am with taking care of plants.  He’s the one with the green thumb in our home =)

That’s it for today, but stay tuned because I’ll be showcasing my “special” garden in a future post =)

Have a wonderful Monday!


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A New Chapter

* This is a non art related post =)

I think it might’ve been Monday morning of this week when my husband out of the blue wakes up with a huge grin on his face and says, “Let’s go running!”

Without hesitation as if something had taken over my mouth, the words “yes” flew out before my mind could register what in the world I was saying.

What was I thinking?

Just a little background, we usually NEVER go running together… we occasionally go on hikes, walks, biking sometimes…but never run. He hates running!

Before I even knew what I said, the both of us were getting ready to go out in our running gear and finally hitting the pavement.

While I was running, I thought to myself, I could do this.  I used to run 5 miles a day easy while I was in high school and college. It’s all mental anyway.  So what if I haven’t run in almost a decade. My body should be able to pick up where it had left off, right?

Within a minute, I see Bernie running off into the distance and everything in my body is telling me to stop.  When did I get so old? I haven’t even run a block and I’m already panting.

I could feel my legs starting to get numb, my arms start to flap around uncontrollably and I feel like I want to pass out.

But the strangest thing happened. I swear I could hear Jillian Michael’s voice in my head screaming at me to keep going and not stop. I feel a sudden urge of strength. If all those people on the Biggest Loser can run a marathon, I can most definitely run around my block!!

I used to be one of those people sitting on my couch watching the show on TV eating my cookies and getting inspired, but never really doing anything about it.

As I’m turning the corner and see my place everything in me wants to stop,

but I don’t.

I dig deep as I hear Jillian’s screaming voice and the inspirational Biggest Loser music increasingly getting louder in my head. I see Bernie looking back at me egging me on to finish strong and as I hit the door of my place, I realize that I did it!

I finished and I didn’t stop!

And as I’m basking in my small accomplishment, Bernie looks over at me and says, “Let’s go running again tomorrow, ok?”


And so starts a new healthy chapter in life.

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An Early Halloween

image courtesy of Sue Dupuy

I had such a blast at the art walk last weekend and met such amazing people. One family in particular stuck out to me because the whole clan decided to come out and enjoy the Santiago Art Walk together from the baby in the stroller, to the teenage oldest brother and of course the amazing parents who brought them all in tow. It was a pretty big family.

They were perusing my displays and apparently one piece stuck out to them.  They were immediately drawn to the glass orb with the Halloween pumpkin inside. The oldest son asked me how much it was and without hesitation he immediately pulled out the cash to purchase this piece.  I could’ve said it was a $1000 and he would’ve still bought it.  To be honest, I was at first a little confused as to why they wanted the pumpkin of all things, but when I asked why they liked that particular piece, he told me that Halloween was a special day for his parents because they were married on that day. He wanted to get it for them as a gift. I was so completely touched by what the son did for his parents spontaneously just because he loved them and knew what it would mean to them.

The whole family was oohing and ahhing over this simple ornament that I had made just to have as a “Halloween” piece for my portfolio, but for this family it meant so much more.  After they left my studio, it made me think about how beautiful and blessed they were.  You could completely sense how much they all cared for each other and how much all the kids loved their parents.

That family left an indelible mark on me and gave Halloween a completely new meaning.

So to that family, I say thank you and Happy Halloween!

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I was looking through my old photos and I came across this video that Bernie shot.  I had completely forgotten that I had taken a stab at trying to arrange real flowers on my own. This was taken years ago, but I still remember thinking how difficult it was to put together even a simple arrangement.

I wasn’t able to upload the video with Bernie’s funny commentary, but here are some of the pictures of my arrangement with flowers from COSTCO.

I remember staring at the flowers for a good amount of time trying to figure out where to even start and praying that I don’t ruin them during the process. I had very little knowledge of flowers back then.

In the end the flowers somehow all survived and ended up looking okay in the vase.  Not bad for a first try.  I’ll probably continue to stick with making clay flowers for now, but it was fun reminiscing about what could have been =)

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Projects Offered

These are one time classes offered so that you’ll have an opportunity to see if you would like to become a member and continue on to learn exclusive projects from the DECO curriculum.

Gardenia and Lilac Arrangement Class

Cost: $35 plus $15 materials fee


This is a 2.5 hour class where you will learn how to make gardenia and lilacs using Deco clay, your hands and some tools. You will learn basic claycrafting techniques and how to arrange this petite flower arrangement.

Rose and Hydrangea Arrangement Class

Cost: $35 plus $15 materials fee


In 2.5 hours you will learn how to make roses and hydrangeas, using Deco clay, your hands and some tools. You will also learn how to arrange this petite flower arrangement.

Orchid and Hydrangea Arrangement Class

Cost: $35 plus $15 materials fee


In 2.5 hours you will learn how to make a beautiful beginner orchid and hydrangeas using Deco clay, your hands and some tools. You will learn basic claycrafting techniques and how to arrange this arrangement.

Lovable Teddy Bear Class

Cost: $35 class fee $5 materials fee


In this 2.5 hour class you will learn how to make a cute cuddly bear using deco clay and some tools.  You will learn basic claycrafting techniques for making figurines.  And best of all you’ll be able to take home your very own clay bear that looks almost huggable!

June Class Schedule

Date                        Time                 Class
Sat. June 19             12:30-3pm      Gardenia/Lilac Class
Tues. June 22          6-8:30pm       Rose/Hydrangea Class
Sat. June 26             12:30-3pm      Orchid/Hydrangea Class
Tues. June 29           6-8:30pm       Gardenia/Lilac Class

July Class Schedule

Date                         Time                 Class
Tues. July 6              6-8:30pm        Orchid/Hydrangea Class
Sat. July 10               12:30-3pm      Lovable Teddy Bear
Tues. July 20            6-8:30pm        Lovable Teddy Bear
Thurs. July 29          6-8:30pm        Rose/Hydrangea Class


Indicate the date and name of the class you would like to take.

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Summer is here! Whether you have plans to hit the beach or travel somewhere exotic, make time to visit the Bloomology Studio this summer because we have a lot of events and classes lined up.

You can catch us at:

Come by and visit Santa Ana’s beautiful Santiago Art District. We’ll have food, music and of course an array of art galleries to look at.   Come see us the third Saturday night of every month! 7-10pm.  And if you’re wishing you were on the beaches of Hawaii, but don’t have $$$ come by in July for Tropicalfest at the Santiago Art District! Who knows, you might see some hula dancers walking around =)

June 19

July 17

And also at :

I will be showcasing my work at the Santa Ana Zoo during the summer concert series on

Sunday July 18th.

Please come by with your family and friends. When will you get another chance to enjoy music, art and animals all at the same time!

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I’ve had so much fun teaching classes these past couple of weeks and I couldn’t help but write a post about the amazing work that my students have done.  Here’s just a snapshot of some of their beautiful work.

Just to preface the pictures, this was the first time that any of them had experience making flowers out of deco clay.

The gardenia arrangement on the top is one that I did as a sample, but the bottom 2 were done completely by my good friends Jeongme and Juna.  Jeongme actually decided to take on the task of making her own flowers for her cute daughter’s first birthday party!

Leslie decided that she wanted to take a class with her mom who absolutely loves everything that has to do with flowers and Janice, the blogger extraordinaire decided to join in on the fun. This was a bold and bright group and you can absolutely tell by the beautiful colors of their arrangements. I wish the group photo wasn’t so blurry, but at least you’re still able to see their gorgeous faces!

The last class was a fun group of ladies. Jee-Eun and Christina were so sweet for agreeing to pose for the camera with their newly created arrangements.

I love how at the end of class, everyone is oohing and ahhing over their masterpieces =)

Right now, I’m working on new class projects so hopefully I’ll have new schedules out soon!

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