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I’m a couple of days late, but I wanted to dedicate an entry to my amazing husband and best friend! Our wedding seems like it was just yesterday. I remember frantically getting all of the details of our wedding together and I was definitely not one of those brides free from all of the stress that an event like this entails.

However, fast forward a couple of years later.  All I remember is how thankful I am to have found an amazing friend in Bernie. I love our conversations that go wee into the middle of the night, our fun adventure outings whether it be hiking or playing frisbee in the park, and I love his earnest prayers for me especially when we both had gone through painful loss.

He is truly the bestest husband a girl could ever ask for.

Happy Anniversary!

Here’s to going down memory lane …

These are my cute nephews and niece. I can’t believe how much they’ve grown!!

Here’s THE bouquet from my florist for the wedding that I wrote about in this POST.

Here’s to many more years of growing old together =)

photos by Kenny Kim


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I recently had a class held at my studio for a client who I met through Yelp! Irene was such a sweetheart and she wanted to have a bridal shower for her twin sister Ilene that would be something that she would always remember. Instead of going the traditional route of having a simple bridal shower with food and games, she decided to have a flower making party.

She did such an amazing job designing and making all the decorations even down to the little lunch baskets with In-N-Out for their meal.  She even prepared a little lunch basket for me even though she really didn’t have to. 

When it was time for learning to make the flowers, all of the ladies were so great and tried their best to pay attention to the instructions. You can see the intense concentration on their faces!

Here’s the lovely bride hard at work!

And her amazing sister who made this all happen!

I had such a blast with this wonderful group of ladies.  They were so fun and I could tell how much they cared about the bride to be.  It was such a privilege to be able to play a part in making their wedding day special.

Congratulations Ilene.  I know you’ll be an absolutely beautiful bride!

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Block Party

I always love hearing about local artists and events.  I found out about a local indie craft show tomorrow called the BLOCK PARTY hosted by the Handmade Brigade of Orange County that will showcase a lot of local artists who specialize in all things handmade.  If you have time, come out to downtown Santa Ana at the FIESTA Marketplace and take a look around to see all the  70+ local vendors.

As I was perusing the website, I found out that this group doesn’t fit your normal, run of the mill, granny type crafters, but rather features an eclectic group of artists.  I was definitely intrigued by this hidden gem.

If you have time on Saturday, definitely check out the Block Party!

For more info, check out the Handmade Brigade’s BLOG HERE.

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Calla Lilies

For my wedding almost four years ago, I told my florist that I absolutely needed to have calla lilies. I almost didn’t care if I didn’t have any other flower as long as this particular flower was incorporated into the arrangements. It’s funny now thinking about my wedding day since our anniversary is coming up soon.

I had such a nightmare dealing with my florist back then. He was a friend of the family and in some sense a true “artist.”  He didn’t really care that my wedding colors were a deep red and the bouquets needed to at least somehow match those colors. I told him specifically what color ribbon and the flowers needed to be, but he absolutely insisted on magenta and pink.  I thought I had made my point clear after our last meeting, but I guess on the date of my actual wedding he decided to be inspired by his own color schemes.

If it weren’t for some gracious friends who out of their own time and generosity went and switched out the magenta looking ribbon to match the bridesmaid’s dresses without my knowledge, I would’ve been in for a big surprise.

In the end, I did get married and in the whole scheme of things the flowers in actuality didn’t really matter, but it’s funny to reflect back on those times when I thought it was the most important thing.

Well, I hope you have a great Monday and enjoy my handmade calla lilies =)

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The BEST Blueberry Muffins ever!

image from Piccolina Photography

Have you ever wondered how coffee shop muffins are always so moist and yummy? If you try to buy them at grocery stores it’s just never the same.  However, look no further because I have found hands down the BEST recipe for blueberry muffins you’ll ever find.

I had a package of blueberries that were on the verge of going bad so I was trying to figure out a quick solution to salvage them.  Blueberries are definitely not cheap and I was not about to let them go to waste. I thought about making blueberry pancakes or putting them in yogurt, but none of these solutions seemed appealing.

And then it hit me…

Blueberry Muffins!

I figured that I had all the ingredients in my pantry and thought it shouldn’t be too hard to make them. I searched high and low for THE BEST recipe because it’s just not worth it if it isn’t the best.

I lied…

I asked my husband to look for a recipe while I was doing the dishes after dinner, but he didn’t fail me =)

I’m not a food blogger or chef like my good friend Chef Julie who makes amazing food and takes beautiful pictures of the whole process as well.  However, I did manage to capture a shot of the blueberry muffin before I devoured it.

Here’s the amazing recipe that my husband found on Allrecipes.

This recipe is so easy and simple that even a child would be able to do it. I’m usually very hesitant to take on daunting tasks of baking or cooking from some grandiose recipe, but if I can bake this, you can, too.

If I were to make any alterations, I would cut the crumble topping recipe in half because I had so much leftover.  I also was only able to make 7 large muffins while the recipe calls for 8.  I guess I just wanted to make sure I had a really big muffin top so I filled each tin to the brim =)

Otherwise, you should have delicious mouthwatering muffins that make you scoff at the ones in the coffee shops.

Now, I should get back to making clay flowers instead of daydreaming about dessert!

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