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It’s just one of those days…

Today, I’m sick at home, so instead of lying in bed sleeping or watching TV all day and wishing this cold would go away, I thought why not blog.  So here I am with my cup of hot tea, tissues and in my pajamas sitting in front of my laptop. The temptation to sit in front of the TV and veg all day is great because it’s only been a month since we’ve had cable or any kind of television.

When my husband and I first got married 4.5 years ago we decided to not have television because we thought it would give us a lot of time for us to talk and bond. We would get our occasional TV fix by watching Hulu.  However, after all of these years we caved and both of us absolutely love it.

My new favorite show right now is Top Chef All Stars.  My husband and I love watching the competition and our commentary is so funny because we have such strong opinions on who we think is good without even tasting the food!

But I digress…

I originally meant to post about one of my latest projects that I had been working on, but got carried away.  With Christmas coming up, I had been working on an ornament series and this is another one of my designs.

This is a tribute to all of my friends and family living Down Under! As my old roomie Ali would say, “G-day mate!”


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This is absolutely one of my favorite ornaments that I’ve made this year.

Who doesn’t love a little nutcracker!

This little character brings back so many memories.  My elementary school put on a production of the Nutcracker so this beautiful ballet has a special place in my heart. I was one of the little plum fairies prancing around my school stage. Even though I wasn’t able to live out my childhood dream of becoming a dancer, I think making beautiful clay pieces isn’t too shabby.

Looking forward to Christmas in only two weeks!

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Projects Offered

Discovery Classes

These are classes that you can take one time so that you’ll have an opportunity to see if you would like to become a member of DECO and continue on to learn exclusive projects from the DECO curriculum.  You, too can learn how to make beautiful lifelike flowers out of deco clay!

Gardenia and Lilac Arrangement Class

Cost: $50 including materials


This is a 2.5 hour class where you will learn how to make gardenia and lilacs using Deco clay, your hands and some tools. You will learn basic claycrafting techniques and how to arrange this petite flower arrangement.

Rose and Hydrangea Arrangement Class

Cost: $50 including materials


In 2.5 hours you will learn how to make roses and hydrangeas, using Deco clay, your hands and some tools. You will also learn how to arrange this petite flower arrangement.

Lovable Teddy Bear Class

Cost: $40 including materials


In this 2.5 hour class you will learn how to make a cute cuddly bear using deco clay and some tools.  You will learn basic claycrafting techniques for making figurines.  And best of all you’ll be able to take home your very own clay bear that looks almost huggable!

Member Classes

If after taking a discovery class, you find that you have completely fallen in love with this art, then sign up to become a member and enroll in the Deco Flower Curriculum. You will learn special advanced techniques and have exclusive member privileges such as discounts on clay and materials. If you would like to become a member contact us HERE for an application or more info.

September Class Schedule

Date                        Time                     Class
Thurs. Sept 16          6-8:30pm              Rose/Hydrangea Class
Sat.  Sept 18            9:30-11:30am       Member Class
Sat.  Sept 18            1-3pm                   Member Class
Thurs. Sept 23          6-8:30pm              Teddy Bear Class                                   Sat.  Sept 25             1-3pm                   Gardenia/Lilac Class
Tues. Sept 28           6-8:30pm              Rose/Hydrangea Class

October Class Schedule

Date                         Time                     Class
Sat. Oct 9                   9:30-11:30pm       Member Class
Sat. Oct 9                   1-3pm                   Member Class
Tues. Oct 12              6-8:30pm               Gardenia/Lilac Class
Tues. Oct 19              6-8:30pm               Discovery Class TBA


Indicate the date and name of the class you would like to take.

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Hello Blogging World!

I’ve been on a long hiatus, but I’m finally back! It’s been a fun and busy summer so far. Here’s a short recap for those that are curious 🙂

  • I ventured into the mountains of California camping with the in-laws
  • Had a close encounter with a rattle snake.
  • Kayaked to my heart’s content
  • Visited my sisters in the beautiful land of Hawaii
  • Swam with the turtles and tropical fish in the ocean
  • Met some amazing people
  • Worshipped with the wonderful people at YWAM
  • Met one of my spiritual heroes: Don Richardson, author of Peace Child
  • Came back refreshed, renewed and inspired …

It’s been such an amazing summer so far and I’m so extremely thankful and blessed.

After coming back, I feel more focused than ever.  Now being back in my studio, I want to practice working on making more figures.  A couple of months ago, I discovered a cute way to make ornaments and I decided to come up with some more concepts and get ready for the Christmas season. Hey, it’s never too early for Christmas!

Here are some of my fun concepts!

This is my rendition of a miniature wedding cake … yum!

My cute cuddly friend, who can share that special message to that special someone…

These guys are so cute … the lovebirds! I can make these as a cake topper or as an ornament.

This guy is one of my favorites.  A little girl who came to one of my showings couldn’t stop laughing and saying that it looked like her dad. I love it!

Have a great week everyone!

**pictures by http://www.joeyoonstudios.com

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Bloomology Studio Opening

April 17th,  Saturday  7-10pm

At the Santiago Art Walk

Park at the Santa Ana Train Station                                                                   Santa Ana Blvd and Santiago St. Santa Ana, CA

We will be showcasing a lot of different clay art pieces.

There will be over 20+ other artist galleries that you can check out as well.

**photo courtesy of http://joeyoonstudios.com

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Here are some beautiful pictures from Joe Yoon Photography of my clay flowers and figures from the event.  Check out his website to see more!

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I wanted to share one of my latest clay projects that I’ve been working on. I absolutely love monkeys because it has a lot of sentimental value for me so I decided to base this project on them. I drew a lot of concepts and it finally evolved to the image above.  My husband graciously painted the concept out for me in color and I absolutely love how he captured the cuteness of the baby monkey so perfectly!
The gorilla head on top is what Bernie made while I made the one on the bottom. Since Bernie is an excellent sculptor as well as a painter, he gave me some helpful techniques to make it look more realistic.  As you can see, his looks more realistic, but a little scarier than the one I made. I think it has to do with the fact that he works for a game company where he draws monsters all day long!

After I made the head and the body, I made a base out of a lazy susan I bought from bed bath and beyond with a 20% off coupon of course and some styrofoam.

Then I made some grass and placed the monkey on top of it.  I wanted it to have some more character so I added a backpack with some detail on it.
I love the detail with the buckle and the clay almost looks like it’s made of suede.
Here’s what the backpack looked like on my blue friend.
After I was done with the gorilla, I needed to make his little brother and since I wanted the baby monkey to look just right, I made two sample heads.  I also made some small flowers to add to the grass because I wanted them to look like they were walking through a meadow of flowers.
And here’s the final product! This took me two weeks working non stop to complete and I am definitely happy with the results.

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